Be Mindful of Strangers Who Offer You Candy

“Be mindful of strangers who offer you candy.” Years later that phrase popped into Annabelle’s head in the voice of her Italian Grandmother. Annabelle thought about that moment with her grandma. The way she was cooking something on the stove and stirring a wooden spoon made her imagine a younger version of herself. Annabelle was taken to that place for a moment or two. She remembered the aroma of a vanilla scented candle and the comfortable circle rug in the middle of the living room.









Annabelle was reminded of the phrase because of the series of negative events from people who claimed they were one way and ended up being completely horrible in all sense of the word. Two words combined together is the perfect way to describe who they were, ‘AssHat.’ If these people could radiate a smell it would be ass, pee, and vomit. Actually, if they smelt like an emotion it would be fear.

These known sick individuals are perhaps under something, a spell if you will – or some force of habit, disease, dis – ease, confusion ridden rituals and actions that they think is out of their own control. Perhaps, for reasons unknown, it is true that the control is no longer theirs because they unknowingly or ignorantly give it away to their habits. Or perhaps it is even worse off than this, maybe they do know exactly what they are doing and refuse to make any efforts to change.

We are all strangers to others and remain strangers until we decide consciously to reveal ourselves, not only to others but to self as well. Annabelle experienced many confused souls lingering in environments that encouraged their already poor habits. They linger their in their horrible decisions of habit. The profound disease was barring consequences of unknown magnitude. Annabelle always took the approach and philosophy to ‘know thyself’ in order to know others. She believes that human beings can only help, love, be honest, be a good friend, be playful, have fun when they are able to do this wholeheartedly for self, by self, and then then the transfer to others is much more of an easy flow. Being authentic was hard for these people because it seemed like they believed that they had to impress others, and sometimes they even enjoyed their destructive ways for reasons relating back to their past experiences.

Unfortunately, the for mentioned diseased ridden individuals flooded Annabelle’s life for a while insomuch that it brought her to action. It not only affected Annabelle but others surrounding these diseased individuals were also affected by their trickery, manipulation, and the saddest thing about this was these people were unable to see how they affected the people around them.

That is surely a selfish act and the ego is loud with many. However, Annabelle released her ego space and recognized her own challenges and realized that these individuals may simply be ignorant to their ways or perhaps are learning their own lessons. If they are unable for whatever reason to let go of their shadows and bring it to the light, they surely in best case scenario, show others the importance of knowing self.

Motivation is sometimes best coming from ‘AssHats,’ for they really can push people to action. Action is what Annabelle did. She recognized the lesson in all including this. She eliminated herself from those people and did so in a manner that was both respectful but firm. She no longer needed these lessons; she already loved herself and it was obvious to her that these people needed to still learn, comprehend, and experience that in whatever form it may manifest into for their personal growth.


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