5 days at the Bottom of a Well


Day one at the bottom of a well,

All I can see is the blazing sun,

Singing dodadodadodadeee,

a little lizard is staring at me,

I snap and clap and yell,

To be free of this incapability to move my arms  about freely,

To be free from adapting to this space,

For someone, anyone to reach me,

As I’m stuck here stomping my feet vigorously,

I scream in anger, I cry in fear,

Night has fallen, nobody’s near,

Here thinking about my life and my being,

Staring at the walls and get an uncomfortable feeling,

Alone in life and Alone in death is my last thought

Before I drift to sleep with one eye open,

Softly muttering sweet nothings.

Two days at the bottom of a well,

Singing dodadodadodadee,

I clap and yell and stomp my feet,

It’s been 48 hours and I’m starting to become weak,

I’m hungry, tired, and my shoes are soggy,

And every now and then I feel something crawling on me,

My voice feels cloggy from all the screaming,

I want to give up,

I see the night sky and remember what it feels to be in a field of fireflies,

And now I only see these walls,

I’m becoming claustrophobic,

I feel my mind choking,

I feel my tummy rumbling,

I feel the pain rising from wasting so much time,

And for jumping in here in the first place,

Maybe I can learn something, 

Maybe I can see something that my life is blocking me from,

That’s what I thought before I made the jump,

Now I’m in here with the mixture of self-evaluation and self-destruction,

And I wish I could eat a piece of Angel Cake,

Goodness sake,

The salt’s burning in my ache.


Three days at the bottom of a well,

What the hell,

What the HELL,

Singing dodadodadodadee,

Please please, someone please hear my cry,

Hear me speak,

Rescue me, Discover me,

Time to be okay with the moment,

I am in it for I feel it,

And I’m starting to hallucinate images on these circular walls,

I see it, I see it, I see it all,

But I want to get out of here,

Yet I am loosing steam,

If no one finds me, what will become of me?

Four days at the bottom of a well,

Singing wah wah wah wah, oh well,

Better keep up that yell,

Better shout loud and clear,

Better keep on breathing in and out,

And in and out,

And innnnn and outtttt.

Five days at the bottom of a well,

I put my hand in my pocket and found a 25 cent piece,

And I bang bang bang on the walls, all day and all night long,

My voice needs rest, My eyes need to close,

I banged that quarter until I woke up from my slumber…..

LOOK I’m not in a well, I’m not in a well, 

I scream so loud, and smile, and laugh,

The dream was so real,

I embrace the moment of knowing I’m not in a well,

I go outside and smell the wind,

I lay in the grass and make pictures with the shapes of the clouds.


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One Response to 5 days at the Bottom of a Well

  1. Tobi says:

    in-the-well-being…reminds me of a book of Haruki Murakami “The wind-up bird chronicle”. (e)very well done

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