Big Questions

I have a lot of big questions on my mind, B I G philosophical, life-altering questions. These big questions answers have changed throughout the years, just as they would change throughout anyone’s years. I have always been obsessed with big philosophical questions, for example: How do I store information in my brain? Then I picture my brain having little envelopes of information varying in importance or varying based on the significance of the emotional response it triggers.

Yet, the biggest question for me is:: Do I question the question? Why are these questions there in the first place? Is it a check-in with self zone? Is it something else?

I think about the difference between the small details and the bigger picture and recognize the importance of each. The small details add up into a bigger picture. The bigger picture is the perspective one has from a far (ah look at those trees over there). The small details is the perspective of being smack in the middle of something (the tree has ants crawling up several of its branches).

When did I start these big questions? Was it before philosophy was introduced and understood by me? The fact is, I don’t remember. I love these big questions but they are also questions that I am unable to figure out fast and often find myself understanding the answers from different perspectives and analyzing them. More so, I love posing these questions for others to answer for themselves. I like the wheels of the brain turning, trying to figure out puzzles about directions and paths to take.

I like answering the big questions with broad answers :: Any path you take, is your choice. All roads end at the same place. Change begins from within. The answers will only provide more questions. Question the quest if it is no longer the way of the heart.


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