Ladder to the Moon

Have you ever had a dream so loud that it echoed reality even though parts of it became obvious that you were operating on a different plane? 

Ladder to the Moon

I was on a mission and I knew how to play the game,

Because I’ve been traveling, searching, storing information to know your brain,

Not just your brain but your precise thoughts about the sky,

Because you live somewhere far from these night trees and fireflies,

I made a ladder to reach the moon [it took me several dreams], 

and now it’s here outstretched and I’m climbing to your being,

Are you awake and up and happy, ready to slide down on a rope?

The moon is so large and beautiful, 

I almost tear up and cry in bliss, 

Returning to some known, partially lost innocence,

A forever thought that doesn’t get erased from any form I decide to take,

And you come into my view with grace,

An image that cannot be replaced with another,

And you’re small and mighty and full of thunder, 

You are flying between the shimmering of stars,

And I smile and decide I can fly too,

So we fly around until I wake up and think the whole dream through,

I’ll create another ladder to see you tonight, 

Made of wood and golden passion,

I’ll run to the top like speedy Gonzalez,

My arms will lift up and we will say our hellos,

and play with the night creatures of the sky. 



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