dream[s] of you by me

Hey, did you awake? 

I kept trying to wake you up in my dream. 

I would touch your shoulder and you would wake up but then if I turned around for one second

or got distracted by the details of the tree,

you would nod off again. 

I would become more aggressive and get upset 

that some power, invisible to my eyes, was affecting you and I could not 



   And I would keep waking you up

And you would be so very happy to be awake,

 And happy to see me

And free. You felt and looked so free. 

 And I could see your feelings as colors. 

There were others that kept falling asleep and I was struggling 

to wake everyone up, but my main focus was 


I could be waking another person up but 

commanding through the third-eye

that you would stay awake. It was as if a beam of light was extruding 

that energy from the space 


my eyes, 

straight to your cranium. 

At first, it worked, but then the invisible force became stronger

 And I was unable to help. 

You would wake up and then fall asleep, wake up and fall asleep. 

I would bleed every time someone fell asleep. My blood was a soft light blue.

And I started crying

 And I was cursing the way the invisible would trick me to believe I had a working chance,

And then come down and unexpectedly attack.

Why was I the only one who could remain awake? Why was I unable to perform the tasks I wanted to act upon? 

I had a melt down on the floor and melted, then converted into a purple gas

 And covered the sky with intention – 

Wake up, you have to, 

do not keep sleeping forever, you were not meant to. 

You then woke up, 

 You understood everything

You shook the dusty petals off your skin

 And converted into an eagle

And flew to the top of a high tree

 And cried in happiness…



About LZapata

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4 Responses to dream[s] of you by me

  1. Bill Hayes says:

    I always forget to say goodbye in dreams.

    Nice piece.

  2. Tobias says:

    colorful treeming

  3. Holle says:

    Loved this girl! Beautiful. Holle

    Sent from my iPhone


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